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North Caucasian Social Institute (NCSI)

License series AAA No. 001572
Registration No. 1510 from 07.07.2011
Certificate of  State Accreditation series BB No. 000688
Registration No. 0679 from 21.10.2010


The North Caucasian Social Institute is considered to be as one of the first universities of new formation in Russia. Initially it was established on 16 July 1992 as the North Caucasian branch of the Moscow Open Social University, but then in 1997 it was transformed into an independent institute of higher education.

The founders of the Institute are: Shiyanova Tatyana Ivanovna, Shiyanov Sergey Evgenievich, Ledeneva Yuliya Evgenievna.

The North Caucasian Social Institute (NCSI) today is an educational stable institution having prospects of development in all main areas of higher school activity: scientific, educational, personnel. The advantage of the Institute is an ability to glance in future life of society, to anticipate its problems and need for the most various experts, who are called to solve these problems. Therefore, the Institute is consistently recognized by the state education system. It has the state accreditation and has been licensed twice. It had been awarded a gold medal «European quality» in the nomination «Hundred best higher education Institutions of Russia».

 In spite of the fact that the number of applicants for training of certified specialists increases every year, the competition in the market of educational services grows, the rating of our higher educational institution is constantly raising.

At present the North Caucasian Social Institute takes the third place among the non-state accredited higher education institutions of Russia according to the rating scale of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. And it is a full merit of all employees who are devoted to their profession.

 The North Caucasian Social Institute started its activities in seven majors: Psychology, Commerce, Management, Law, Social work, Linguistics, Social Pedagogy. Currently, the Institute provides training in four faculties (Socio-psychological Faculty, Faculty of Law,  Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies) on 11  highly sought areas in bachelor training: "Psychology", "Advertising and public relations", "Tourism", "Service" (socio-cultural service), "Law", "Applied Information science", "Service" (Information service), "Information systems and technologies", "Economics", "Management","Commerce".
The training of  future undergraduates is carried out by 12 departments and 7 educational and research laboratories ("Social and psychological service",

"Research of social problems", "The Travel Agency Magistr-tur", "Information technologies in management and training”, “Computer and microprocessor equipment service", "Criminalistics laboratory", "Legal clinic".

One thing is also worth mentioning. The higher education institution is known to be a specific social organism, the prospects of which define the existence of research spirit, ability to give young people a chance of realizing themselves in science and to cultivate teaching personnel. The North Caucasian Social Institute grew to this decision as well. Since 2002, the postgraduate study on 12 most actual scientific areas has been carrying out at the Institute: in economy, law, psychology, pedagogy, philosophy and sociology.

Thus, the interest to scientific work, recognition of its importance has always distinguished the North Caucasian Social Institute that has been developing for 21 years in the best traditions of the Russian higher school and has been aimed at satisfactions of needs of the North Caucasian region.

 Highly qualified teaching staff guarantees an upscale level of training. Among teachers of the North Caucasian Social Institute more than 70 % have doctor degrees. Highly skilled experts develop elective courses in various areas of general and vocational training; introduce new pedagogical technologies into learner-centered training. Many of teachers took training in the European and North American higher education institutions. Experts from leading higher education institutions of the country are invited for lecturing.

The North-Caucasian Social Institute conducts work on implementation of the International Russian-Canadian program concerning the issues of social services development on rehabilitation of disabled people in Stavropol Region and training of specialists for these services.

In 1999 the law department of the NCSI was included in implementation of the international project “Eurasia” on issues of pre-judicial resolution of the legal conflicts. Within this project, the Center of Assistance in pre-judicial resolution of the legal conflicts was created which gives our students good opportunities to gain practice skills.  

The level of educational process organization, developing system of welfare and sports activity of students, psychological climate and the style of relationship established at the Institute promotes successful solution of complex challenges of cultural and professional development of specialists. The students are treated according to their individual abilities, optimum conditions are created for realization of their talents and abilities. The Institute supports engagement of the students into science, sports, art creativity and amateur performance, self-government and public initiatives. The departments and faculties continue their work in creating clubs and associations of students based on professional interests.

Thus, the North Caucasian Social Institute today is in elite of higher education institutions of Russia. The success of any undertaking in the educational sphere depends on three components – the personality of the head, the team that works under his management and the place of the Institute in educational space.


The guarantor of its future prosperity is the activity of Sergey Yevgenievich Shiyanov, a young and promising Rector of the North Caucasian Social Institute, PhD in Economics. He represents modern generation of leaders who are aware of the necessity of reforms taking place in the system of higher education and sees the perspectives of its further development.  Sergey Yevgenievich  Shiyanov seeks for gaining the most effective and socially significant result of the University activities, creating conditions for full-fledged scientific and educational work with students. Sergey Yevgenievich cooperates with educational institutions, public organizations, professional communities, municipal and regional authorities.
Thus, the North Caucasian Social Institute today looks confidently to the future, grows and evolves.


December of 2017 y.
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